The future walks in our children’s shoes, our world

will go the way they choose.


  Hero Kids Rehabilitation Foundation

Help to reachout Chidren and Youth at Risk

Hero Kids Rehabilitation Foundation (HKRF) was established on September 5, 2014 by Mr. Emmanuel Ibe, who was inspired to build a better and peaceful world for our children, focus on the area of basic education and every child’s well-being.



Is basic education is the fundamental right for every child.



Is to reach out to every child especially in rural communities to alleviate illiteracy and poverty .


Hero Kids Rehabilitation Foundation is registered as non-profits organization under the companies and Allied Matters Act, No.1 1990, Part C.

Registration No: CAC/IT/N0 72207




To achieve our goals Hero Kids Rehabilitation Foundation is working in collaboration with relevant Agencies, Schools and Communities Leaders to improve the lives of impoverished children and supports to those living in poverty to have access to basic education and vocational training for self-reliant.



Nigeria is a country with high levels of economic disparity.

Nigeria is the African’s largest democracy with a population of over 160 million. Of this 32 percent live on less than US$2.5 a day, and 68 percent on less than US$1.5 a day, With 44% of children underweight.

The future of rural Nigeria, where the highest concentration of poverty prevails, depends on overcoming enormous challenges in Health, Education, Nutrition, Population and Environment.

  1. Rural Children are unable to access education
  2. Approximately half of the girls in rural communities become mothers before age 16 -18 

In Hero Kids Rehabilitation Foundation (HKRF), we believe that the most leveraged way to alleviate illiteracy and poverty is through basic education as the fundamental right for every child. Development is sustainable when local communities build capacity at the grassroots and create own solutions.